Courtney B

My car has never been so clean! It was easy for me to drop off my 2 door jeep at the Amelia Drive location and pick it up when it was finished. When I arrived for my scheduled interior detailing, Az offered to wax and wash the outside of my car too. He provided a reasonable estimate and took a look at my car, careful to discuss any specific concerns. The best part was picking up my car. It was more clean than when I first drove it off the lot. I certainly plan on using this service again, especially after the sandy summer.

Kirsten C.

Best detailing job I have ever had!  I get my car detailed by Az every month, and he does thorough and immaculate work every time.  He is very professional, friendly, and trustworthy.  Best of all, he uses all organic and chemical free cleaners, so my car is a healthy environment for me and my family following his cleanings.  I highly recommend ack detailing!

Nantucket, 8c Amelia Dr,

(774)-325 2033 


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